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How many times do I meet with my mentor?

Your mentor will meet with you twice a semester. After each meeting, you will fill out the feedback form listed in the menu above in order to allow the mentor (and us) to prepare and accommodate for your next meeting.

What happens if my mentor or mentee don't respond?

If you haven’t received a response from your counterpart after 3 days, please contact us and we will reach out and/or match you to a new individual.

Looking to partner with us?

Email us at info@savoirmentoring.com with information. We will be in contact shortly with you.

Is this a paid service?

Savoir mentoring is a 100% free service. Now and always. No catch!

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We match high-school students with college mentors who guide them through college applications and help with academic planning, personal statements, scholarship essays, financial aid, and more.

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